Reimer didn't play so good on Saturday night...

The Leafs had the chance to control who they played in the 1st round of the 1st playoffs Toronto has seen in 9 years...but they forgot how to skate. They also forgot that they should be pounding the Habs into the ice every chance they got, and as a result, they had to wait for the outcome of a Sens/Bruins game to find out who the were to be matched up against.

As it turns out, the Bruins were not able (didn't want to) beat the Sens, which makes for a Leafs/ Bruins 1st round match up.

Good luck Kessel....hope you show up. This is your chance to either prove right the people who think you disappear against Boston, or finally make them shut their word holes.

And I really want someone to punch this guy in the face!

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