GILMOUR has left the Marlies to be the Head Coach of the Kingston Frontenacs 

tonight is expected to be Fletch's last game as the GM...Burke expected to take over mid-week


Leafs strike Oil (ers)

Steve says:

What a game! Blake finally gets off his high horse and decides he better show up...and boy does he ever. He was all over the ice...forechecking, passing, digging in corners, mid-ice hits...doing everything except the one thing he was brought here to do which is score goals..but hey...who cares as long as he is givin' it out there...
Toskala was pretty good also. After a pretty rough start, I am starting to see Toskala get back into the form that made me like him as our goalie...hopefully he can bring his A+ game against the Nucks...not so much because of their offense, but because I think for the Leafs to win, it will be a close one...Robbie Lu is pretty hot between the pipes these days.

oh..and the Sens got schooled by...wait for it...the Islanders....!

some days it is really good to be a Leafs fan in Ottawa...today is one of those days.


Leafs steamroll the Habs

Steve says: 

Well that was a much better result compared to the last time we met the Habs. Those Canadiens are dirty dirty dirty. several hits from behind, tripping up players going into end boards, slewfooting...terrible...but the Leafs weren't exactly sparkling clean either...Grabovski nailed Price with a butt end that wasn't warranted...but I guess he wanted to show his old team that all ties were cut.

good work by all...too bad about Van Ryn broken pinkie finger...that will keep him out for a month or more.

Now the boys head west..

Go Leafs!


History is made...and The Comeback (almost) Kids

Steve says:


down 3-0....we get 1
then down 4-1...and we storm back to tie it
a goal by Blake is called back (early whistle)

only to have a shot from the point go in past a screened Toskala.
Another painful loss after a storybook comeback.

Seems these guys love to bounce back in the 2nd period.

That Grabovski / Kulemin / Hagman line is deadly!