and so continues the downward spiral

The Leafs are now 4 games under .500 for the first time this season. And while we played a hard physical game and had some pretty good chances, we just couldn't slow down the...Flyers?!?
Wait...weren't they in last place just last season...wtf?!

Poni's goal between the legs was a lone highlight...

The next few games should be interesting as Kulemin will be back in the lineup without Grabovski...some extra ice time will hopefully help him out...he is doing well for a rookie, but I think even more is expected of him.

ps. I love that Grabovski hates the Habs so much...finally, a rivalry with some teeth.


The Leafs grow a pair

yes...they lost...bad...but we finally grew a pair and kicked some Hab ass...and it's about time!

Brad May joined the ranks and basically became a steamroller knocking over anyone with a Ch on their chest last night...

and little Grabovski continued his feud with the brothers Kostitsyn...and in a brilliant moment of clarity...he gave a double F-U to the entire crowd at the Bell centre!..wow!

When asked about the rivalry he stated :

"If he wants to fight, we'll go in the street and every minute of every day I'll wait for him and we'll fight."

That's what I'm talkin about!

a side note about the Brad May trade...he was traded for a conditional 6th round pick...a lot of people were all up in arms about this saying that Burke is trading away our future for a goon...well..now we know the "conditions" of the pick...and they make Burke look like a genius.

The conditions are that the Leafs will have to give the Ducks the 6th rd pick IF May resigns with us before July 1st of 2009. That means that if he doesn't resign, or resigns AFTER July 1st (ie. July 2nd) then we got him for this season for free!

Not bad Burkie...bring in some muscle and leadership and get it for free.

JFJ would have given May 3.5 mill and a no movement...and then would have sent the Ducks our next 2 1st rounders...lol


the percentages

So far this season, the Leafs have the following record
which equates to
41% win, 44% loss, 15% OT loss

you need on average 93 points to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.that means the Leafs would need to go 27-15-1 for the remainder of the season (or some combination like that which totals 93 points).
Which would mean they would need to turn it around to
63% win, 35% loss, 2% OT loss

that's a big turnaround!

But does it start tonight? With the return of McCabe, and Schenn, will the boys in Blue and White take charge of their own futures and force BB to pickup some players who might give us that extra push to make the playoffs?
Or will he trade away the present for the future?

Players like Chris Didimenico will soon be joining Schenn wearing the Maple Leaf. Chris was just traded today to a QMJHL team...one day after winning Gold for his country where he played a very impressive game along the boards. For someone as small as he is (like I'm one to talk) he played a very strong game in the corners and was a big part of many of Canada's scoring chances.

Will Burke send Antropov out West to join Sundin in exchange for even more picks...or maybe assets that will help him move up in the draft should we falter in the 2nd half of the season.

If we were able to move Antropov, Kaberle, Blake, Toskala...would that be enough to get both Tavres AND Hedman?
Do we want Hedman? His play at the Juniors was...well...meh.
Do we want Brayden Schenn?

I think the big fun will all start in Feb. After Burke waits out his current roster to see if they are going to make a go of it.

Oh...and...BOOYAH! take that Ottawa!...Even after Spezza speared Moore, we still kicked your asses!


Happy New Year!

Steve says:

Happy New Years bitches!

A great game for Canada vs USA. ...a great end to 2008 as the Leafs win in OT on a sweet shot by Kubina.

but 2009 brings us back to earth as the Sabres show us why they are in contention for a playoff spot right now, and we need to work harder to get there.
I don't know if the team was hungover...but that was one of the handful of performances  by the Leafs that just didn't cut it.
Even when they have lost this year, it's been OK for the most part because they still tried right to the end...but not on Jan1 of 2009....I think the champagne hangovers  set in around the 2nd period.

I imagine Burke has made a New Years resolution to build a Cup contender...let's hope he keeps his promise.