Elisha Watch '07

Chris Says:

Elisha Cuthbert has split up with Sean Avery. The Rangers loss is our gain.

Our sweet, sweet gain.

Steve says:

wow...i didn't even know that Elisha Watch '07 existed...was there an


Bye Bye Belfour

Steve says:

Belfour will be in Sweden this season. He signed on with Swedish club Leksands IF on Monday.
Belfour went 27-17-10 with a 2.77 goals-against average for the Florida Panthers last season.
A two-time Vezina Trophy winner, Belfour is third place on the all-time wins list behind Martin Brodeur and Hall of Famer Patrick Roy. Belfour is also a five-time All-Star, with 484 career wins, a 2.50 GAA and 76 shutouts in 963 games with Florida, Chicago (1988-96), San Jose (1996-97), Dallas (1997-2002) and Toronto (2002-06).

I know he has had some issues with the law lately...and that is my thinking about why no club has signed him...he's not "the best" but he is still a lot better than a lot of tenders out there...

Chris says:

Unsteady Eddie. What happened?

Getting in a bar fight and then claiming that the floor was just slippery and you "accidentally" fell on the other guy?

I was a big Cujo fan and when Belfour first came on the scene I wasn't willing to give him the time of day. But during his stay in Toronto he admirably filled Cujo's duties(and then some). After a pretty h0-hum year with Raycroft between the pipes I caught myself wishing for his return on more than one occasion.

Now he's being banished across the pond, his NHL career at an end. That is until someone else's netminder has a meltdown halfway throught the season. At which point time, Belfour starts to look like a viable option.


Peca a Blue Jacket

Chris Says:
Our loss is Columbus' gain.

Peca signed a one year deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets. I know the Leafs were trying to massage some numbers to bring him back into the fold but for whatever reason that fell through.

No word on his salary yet.

I would have liked to have seen what the man could have accomplished had his season not been cut short in such a drastic fashion.

Steve says:
I'm on the fence. One side says that he was great on the p/k so it would be nice to have that, but I also know that out goal tending is better now...so that difference maybe negligible.
Also, he might be a Lindros in disguise...and I want no part of that.
The Rangers had him take a physical, and they passed, which tells me something is up.
Plus he's going to Columbus, who really don't have a shot which tells me that of the 3 teams he was speaking with, Columbus was the last of the bunch who would take a chance.

Good luck Mike...hope it doesn't bite us on the ass later in the year!


forsberg interested in Toronto

Steve says:

yes it is just a rumour...but it was one from Leafs lunch apparently, which means it does have some weight to it...



Hangar Time

Chris Says:

It's a slow news day here at Hockey Talk. Steve is up north camping under the stars and I'm left to toil away at my office desk..."working".

Some quick newsbits.

1. MLSE is going to be upgrading the ice at the ACC. They're apparently dropping millions into the project. Plans include installing a new dehumidifying system, scheduling fewer non-hockey events...and turning down the thermostat.

I can vouch for the humidity in the ACC being a problem. The last time me and the gf were there we started getting dripped on halfway through the event. At first we just thought the group behind us was getting rambunctious with their beer, then we realized that we were sitting under a cooling pipe. Water was condensing along the bottom of it and periodically dripping on us.

More annoying then anything else, but it does go to show that perhaps they aren't far off the mark in thinking they need to work on their dehumidifiers.

2. Just in time for those shiny new condos, MLSE is going to do some reno work on the ACC. At a price tag of 24 million dollary doos MLSE is going to be removing the west side of the building and replace it with a glass atrium. The atrium will then link up the ACC to the new condos being built in the new downtown MLSE playland.

You're forgiven if you fell asleep during this post.