The new comeback kids

Steve says,

well, we started off good...
then it got sloppy...
then it got even more sloppy,
then we started kicking the snot out of people,
then they started taking penalties,
then we scored 3 unanswered goals for the win.

and what a clutch save by Toskala in OT...makes up for some of the sloppy play I mentioned earlier...

and a sweet goal by Hagman, using the D man as a screen...smart move.

nice to have a winning record for now...

these guys are fun to watch even when losing...

Kaberle and Beauchemin look great together ...lots of communication...nice to see a good tandem on our blue line...

Oh...and in case you've been living under a rock...we got Kessel!


Behind the Draft

On Monday Sept 28 @ 6pm, Leafs TV is showing some behind the scenes footage of the latest Draft in Montreal...here is a quick preview...should be interesting




Steve says:

This will be the Leafs this season...

We may not win Lord Stanley, but you will know when you have played Toronto because the whole bus ride home you will have ice packs on everything.

In the first preseason game the new look Leafs came out with something to prove. Many of our "1st liners" were not in the lineup which was expected but we looked solid defensively which is something I have not been able to say for a looooong time.

Toskala played a great game, very aggressive on the PK with the puck which I loved.
Beauchemin was pretty solid on the blue line which is such a nice change to have.
Stalberg and Bozak looked good out there, and Kadri improved as the games went on which was nice.

White actually looked a bit shaky which was surprising considering he was one of the more steady guys at the end of last season.

Joey Mac took over for Toskala half way through the game which is never easy, and he looked a little loose...I'd like to see what he can do when starting a game..

even though they lost, the boys in Blue and White looked good...games will be a lot of fun to watch this year.


T.O. says no...over and over again

Steve says:

So it has come to light that T.O. does not want hockey in Hamilton...no big shock right? But it has never really been said outright...there have been hints towards this thought, and veiled references to a mysterious "VETO" owned by the Leafs but nobody has come out and said NO.

or have they?

In an open letter to Jim Balsille, Gabe Macaluso, the former CEO of Copps Colesium in Hamilton points out numerous occasions in which he was told by MLSE and others that any attempt to relocate or start an NHL franchise in Hamilton would be met with considerable resistance.

to read the letter, click here
VEsa TOskala...coincidence? I think not!