Gary disses Jim !

well...only sort of in a roundabout way...but he points out the fact that the Govenors rejected Jim's bid based (mainly it would appear) on the section that says "the league can reject potential owners if it does not believe they are of "good character and integrity," as well as for financial reasons."

ohhh SNAP!

Maple Leafs July 2009 Development Camp

Steve says:

Here is a short video from the Maple Leafs July 2009 Development Camp. I wish they would post more of this stuff...hopefully they will through the summer to keep us going through the "dry season".


Can we get Howard Berger fired?

Steve says:

Now before you say "that's crazy talk", hear me out.

We know Howie's rants against anything blue and white and we have read them like blind sheep...and therein lies the problem.

We keep reading his garbage spewing.

The only reason that guy still has his job, is that he writes material which causes Leaf fans to rise up in anger and respond.
but what if we stopped?

What if we banded together and asked our fellow Leafers to follow suit and instead, write a daily email to his various employers (fan590, hockeybuzz, etc) and let them know that they will not have the support of Leaf Nation until he is removed.

Again, I know it sounds like crazy talk...trust me ...I know it sounds like another rambling anti-Berger rant...and yet....think about it...
what if....
what if we ended up with a writer who was actually able to write an objective piece, with actual insight and discussions from the players, coaches, and management.

Can you even imagine what such a thing of beauty might look like?



Chris says:

Want Jonas Gustavsson?

Well he comes with a bit of a price tag. And that price tag's name is Swedish captain Rikard Wallin, who just happens to be friends with Gustavsson.

One theory making the rounds is that the Leafs offered Wallin a contract in the hopes of enticing the Monster to join his teammate in Toronto.

Wallin has played in the NHL before, doing a stint with the Minnesota Wild before hightailing it back across the ocean (but in all fairness, wouldn't you do the same?).

His stats from that time aren't overly impressive, although he has been doing some good things of late in Sweden. But in my mind he's not the goal scorer the Leafs need to really start competing in the NHL.

What do you think Leaf fans, is Wallin an upgrade? Or is he just extra baggage from the Gustavvson signing?

Steve Says:

He's an upgrade without a doubt.

Wallin only played 19 NHL games...in those 19 games he got 10 points...
of those 10 points, 6 were goals...
those 6 goals were scored on a total of 17 shots.

not a bad ratio I would say...

In the SEL, he led his team as the Captain 2 years in a row...last year they won the championship.
He is well know in Sweden as being an incredible 2 way player who wins the majority of his face offs.

The Farjestad fans are not happy at all about losing him to the Leafs...this alone is a good sign.
Also, since this is a 1 year deal, it is a free test run...if he turns out to be a bust, we cut ties and are no worse for wear....but, should he turn out to be the next Pahlsson (as many in Sweden are comparing him) then, well...Burkie...you are the man!


The return of the Fan First Coca-Cola free game

Steve says:

If you are in Toronto on Friday July 10th, 2009...could you please grab me a pair of tickets to the Fan First Leaf game?
They are giving them out for free....watch mapleleafs.com to find out where to go....


Burke's rating System

Steve says:

I found this interesting read...it gives a glimpse into how Burke rates his defencemen:

"I have a system of rating players, "he said, "particularly defensemen. I rate them from one to six…six being the elite defenseman." He went on to explain that his objective is that of the six primary defensive positions on his team, he wants one from each point category. He claims that if you have one "six," one "five," one "four," etc., you'll have a team capable of competing at the highest level. If you add the numbers together (6+5+4+3+2+1) you wind up with 21 and that is your objective. "Now understand," Burke continued, "there aren't enough ‘sixes' to go around, but that's okay. If I have two ‘fives' and two ‘twos' I still get where I want to be (21)." He went on to explain that, the way he had it figured, he couldn't have too many defensemen, since he could almost always trade the excess for a forward and usually one with tangible skill. And generally speaking, history has shown he's right. Having an excess on the blue line is approximately the same as having an excess of pitchers in baseball. It doesn't happen often, but if you achieve it, you can always fill any other hole that might materialize.

So, with that in mind, what does the Leafs D add up to?
Is Kaberle a 5?
What # is Schenn?

Chris says:

Schenn is a 5, with the potential to be a 6. He needs a little more seasoning under his belt in order to reach elite status.

Pot shots

Chris says:

Hey, maybe you’ve met our 2009 – 2010 Maple Leafs. I wouldn’t say they’re knuckle draggers, but I’d hate to bump into them in a dark alley.

Burke has some ideas on what’s next for the Leafs, including the idea of trading some of that muscle for a player with a knack for scoring. Kaberle perhaps?

Also, Jonas Gustavasson is officially a Toronto Maple Leaf. I’d call that a step in the right direction.

The Kaberle Debate

Steve says:

So with all the new additions to the Leafs, the big question now is: What to do with Kaberle?

He's a good puck moving D man with a good cap hit, and is signed on for 2 more seasons. That makes him very attractive to a lot of teams...but for that reason, should he not also be attractive to the Leafs?

Kaberle has said on many occasions that he likes to play in Toronto. Now, media training aside, I believe that to be the truth. Not sure why I think that...it must be something about the way he carries himself during interviews, etc. He seems to be the kind of guy that likes to stay put. He has been here for a while now and has probably laid down some pretty deep roots in Toronto. He knows his role on the team and executes it quite well. He is dependable in his position and well liked by management, and the fans. He makes a good living playing hockey...why leave and risk all of that?

Now the flipside to this discussion is that last season, Kabs had an average season. It wasn't great, but it also wasn't terrible. If he were to have a repeat performance this season, his stock would likely lower. But does that mean that we should cut bait and get a trade for him while the iron is hot? Or do we sit back and look at the team and decide if we are better with him or without him.

There are options for the Leafs with regards to the logjam at the blueline. White played a part of last season as a forward, and was actually pretty good up there. Could he (would he) move back up to the front lines and maybe provide some defensive minded offense?
What other options are there? Could we move the Finger contract? He played a solid season, but now it seems ridiculous to spend that much money on a 5/6 Dman...