Can we get Howard Berger fired?

Steve says:

Now before you say "that's crazy talk", hear me out.

We know Howie's rants against anything blue and white and we have read them like blind sheep...and therein lies the problem.

We keep reading his garbage spewing.

The only reason that guy still has his job, is that he writes material which causes Leaf fans to rise up in anger and respond.
but what if we stopped?

What if we banded together and asked our fellow Leafers to follow suit and instead, write a daily email to his various employers (fan590, hockeybuzz, etc) and let them know that they will not have the support of Leaf Nation until he is removed.

Again, I know it sounds like crazy talk...trust me ...I know it sounds like another rambling anti-Berger rant...and yet....think about it...
what if....
what if we ended up with a writer who was actually able to write an objective piece, with actual insight and discussions from the players, coaches, and management.

Can you even imagine what such a thing of beauty might look like?

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Anonymous said...

Can you even imagine what such a thing of beauty might look like?

It might look like this: www.firehowardberger.com

Or this:

Or maybe even this: