This is the end....one last hurrah!

Steve says:

Well here it is...I figure this will be my last post for a while...since the Leafs are out of the playoffs and there are only 2 games left, there wont be a whole lot to talk about except for:
- Nikolai Kulemin coming to the Leafs next year...cant wait for that!
- will Sundin sign with the Leafs before the July 1st deadline (don't hold your breath)
- how fast can we kick Raycroft to the curb?
- has McCabe already packed his bags and bought his ticket to New York? everyone is expecting him...
- will we make a good offer to keep Stajan?
- will Brian Burke trade the beach and sun for daily press scrum madness and the TTC?

Ok...so maybe there may be a few things left to talk about...

We have 1 game left that I am interested in,....tonight's game against the Sens. We can play a huge part in knocking them out....Toskala in nets, Sundin and Antropov out....

go Leafs!!!!!!
ps. even if they win tonight, it will only be their 19th home win...wonder if that's why they are not in the playoffs?
pps. next year also is the first year we dont have Belfour on our cap hit anymore... :-)