Chris says:

Want Jonas Gustavsson?

Well he comes with a bit of a price tag. And that price tag's name is Swedish captain Rikard Wallin, who just happens to be friends with Gustavsson.

One theory making the rounds is that the Leafs offered Wallin a contract in the hopes of enticing the Monster to join his teammate in Toronto.

Wallin has played in the NHL before, doing a stint with the Minnesota Wild before hightailing it back across the ocean (but in all fairness, wouldn't you do the same?).

His stats from that time aren't overly impressive, although he has been doing some good things of late in Sweden. But in my mind he's not the goal scorer the Leafs need to really start competing in the NHL.

What do you think Leaf fans, is Wallin an upgrade? Or is he just extra baggage from the Gustavvson signing?

Steve Says:

He's an upgrade without a doubt.

Wallin only played 19 NHL games...in those 19 games he got 10 points...
of those 10 points, 6 were goals...
those 6 goals were scored on a total of 17 shots.

not a bad ratio I would say...

In the SEL, he led his team as the Captain 2 years in a row...last year they won the championship.
He is well know in Sweden as being an incredible 2 way player who wins the majority of his face offs.

The Farjestad fans are not happy at all about losing him to the Leafs...this alone is a good sign.
Also, since this is a 1 year deal, it is a free test run...if he turns out to be a bust, we cut ties and are no worse for wear....but, should he turn out to be the next Pahlsson (as many in Sweden are comparing him) then, well...Burkie...you are the man!

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