Leafs kick the Panthers while they are down. Win 4-0

So lets start with this guy. Leo Komarov. Between him and McClement, I don't know who I like more in the blue and white. Leo hits everything, everywhere, all the time. Every defenceman is starting to dish the puck just a little bit quicker knowing that they are about to be run. Most of the time the hits are clean...sometimes, not so much. But when Leo gets into penalty troubles, guess who is there to bail him out... that's tight Jay McClement.
Jay has brought our PK out from the basement and into the stratosphere. The guy is money on the PK. He is so smart with his positioning, his stick work, and his play reading. 

I think the Leafs have had offense for a few years now, but finally we are keeping the puck out of our net thanks in large part to the turnovers caused by Komarov, and the penalty killing of McClement.

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