Game 1

Steve says:

Game one wasn't terrible.
Lets start with the positives for a change.
Our first line of Blake / Stajan / Stalberg was great. Every time they were on the ice, they were a threat...now they just need to turn some of that threat into finish (Stajan got 2 though which was nice for him).

Our other 3 lines played an average game. I was impressed with the defensive back checking of newcomer Wallin. Rosehill had a good bought. Kaberle was awesome...so controlled with the puck...glad we still have him around.

Toskala played a typical Toskala game from last season. He looked decent at times, and way out of position at others. He made some big saves, but also let in a weak goal. All in all it was a typical Toskala game...and that wont be good enough going down the stretch. With The Monster itching to get between the pipes, Vesa will surely have to pick it up.

And now the real negative part of last night's game. The D.
With all the hype around this new D that Burke has brought in, great things were expected, but in now way were great things delivered. Komisarek took way too many penalties (in the box for 2 of the goals against). Beauchemin was often caught pinching way too deep, and was out hustled getting back to our zone. White was...well...he looked like White from 2 seasons ago. Out of place, coughed up the puck, chasing the forwards into the corners leaving the front WIDE OOOOPPPEEENN! Schenn looked nervous and unsure of himself. Too many times I saw both D men together with the puck (see the pic)...why aren't they playing their positions???

It's only 1 game and we did walk away with a point, but without some great work by Price, I think we could have had both points even with all the bad D play.

And that's why I am still happy about the game...We will get better on D...but the Habs will still be short...
ha ha ha

(like I'm one to talk)

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