The Silver Fox does it again, unfortunately


Hey look everybody!!! Cliff is trading away draft picks again.

Jamal Mayer, 33 years old, 51 goals, 58 assists and 576 penalty minutes for a third round draft pick.

(Chris rolls up newspaper and waves it in front of Cliff's face)

No! Bad Cliff.

No no no...you gotta look at it like this
trade Kilger for 3rd round pick...trade that 3rd round pick for Jamal Mayers
which means Kilger for Mayers...
and Kilger was turning into a train wreck...didn't even report to camp for Florida.

So, although he is not the youth Fletch has been preaching, he is a bit of grit who plays with a lot of heart every night....unlike the person who, in my opinion, Mayers will be replacing...namely Tucker...

Tucker is afraid to drop the gloves these days and seems more bark than bite...while he still has a wicked shot, it's a one-trick pony show..and was defended with ease all last season...

not a bad move IMO.
ps. STL fans are sad to see him go...and say that it's a bad move on their part...


Oh for Pete's sake.

He's a third line player. At best.

He's 33 years old and that sound you hear when he steps on the ice isn't the puck hitting the mesh or his gloves dropping, it's his bones creaking.

I know Kilger has issues and I haven't the foggiest what those issues are. But this is not a Kilger for Mayer trade.

This was a third round draft pick that could have been used for anything else, attached as part of a larger trade for example, instead of picking up even more vet talent that we don't need.

I'm not running down Jamal or his abilities. But he's not the kind of player we need right now.


Ahh...see...you are so impatient...first of all...many STL followers are saying that if Jamal plays for toronto, that he will become a fan fave within 10 games.
Now the important part of that last sentece is the "IF" he plays in Toronto.
There is now talk of bundling Mayers with a later round pick for Cammalleri from the Kings...


that's looks alright doesn't it?

Trader Cliff is on the clock!


God help us all.

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